Sunnyside Drinks Co Ltd

Introducing our alcoholic ginger beer

Be Bold. Go against the grain.

Independently owned and UK made, Sunnyside Drinks Co is a premium and innovative brewing company which aims to develop category innovation with quality products and unique brand experiences. Inspired by exotic flavours and sunny destinations, Sunnyside alcoholic ginger beer is the first of many exciting and innovative drinks to be launched in the UK.

Kickstarter Founding Members

Ever wondered how some businesses get off the ground? Well in our case, it’s all down to these legends below who pledged their hard cash in support of Sunnyside Drinks Co. These founding members are the reason we’re here and we’ll forever be grateful.  

Thomas de Vries
Giles Roberts
Lindey Cole
Geoff and Anna Heath
Will Oatley
Nick Smart
Adam Williams
Mike Thisted
Sandra Hockenhull
Doreen Hall
Beth Clifton
Andra Stan
Clare McGuinness
Rosy Harrington
Ian Davidson
James Brueton
Tim Rasbash
Katharine Duncan
Christabel Cant
Jemima Collins
Mark Williams
Hanna Hiscoe-James
Holly Chapman
Mark Terris
Remi Baker
Mikala Tai
Tom & Rosie Boardman
Sebastian Bennett
Sue Williams
Lou Lea
Elizabeth Tekno
Ned Curtis
Søren Andreasen
Aktieselskabet Dagelykke Ejendomme
Paul McGuinness
Milla Rae
Nabil Mustafiz
Paul O’Boyle
Jonny Rt Hon Stark Esq
Matthew Dutton
Chelsea Glanville

JJ O’Neill
Irene Hawlader-Bell
Evan Golbach
Andrew Linch
Cat Paterson
Catherine Hay
Ollie’s Bouncy Castle Hire
Tom Cherrill
Frazer Hiscoe-James
Tineke Poot
Adam Ward
Jack Rodgers
Thomas Richardson
Kuldip Jagdev
Wes Britten
Professor Sir Harry Twort
Rebecca Herbert
Sharon Oakes
Duncan Warner
Emily Marcham
Chris Ramsay
Thomas Kaye
Brith Erichsen
Sarah Stringer
Ali and Rob Sprason
Nick Heath
Jack Boulton
Chris and Jane Pilton
Natalie Farmer
Daniel Close
Alexander Cowie
Sally Gray
Luke Jacques
Will Barlow
Helen Stolton
Geraint Hughes
Nick Jeggo
David Milligan
Dulcie Flynn
Ray Hartley
Roy Hockenhull