The taste of summer: introducing Sunnyside’s fresh-pressed alcoholic ginger beers

The UK's first alcoholic ginger beer crafted using real fresh-pressed organic ginger and lemons. These lightly sparkling beverages are naturally gluten-free and vegan

April 2024 – This month, UK-based indie drinks company Sunnyside Drinks Co will be introducing its new fresh-pressed alcoholic ginger beers – perfect for packing for summer parties and picnics. The lightly sparkling canned beverages will be available in two refreshing varieties from 3rd April: 

Sunnyside Alcoholic Ginger Beer 4% ABV

Fresh-pressed organic ginger and lemons for a light yet juicy serve with a slow, warming zing. 

Sunnyside Tropical Alcoholic Ginger Beer 4% ABV

Fresh-pressed organic ginger and lemons with natural passionfruit and pineapple flavourings. Pure sunshine in a can.

Just 120kcal each, naturally gluten-free, vegan and free from preservatives, colourings, sweeteners, wine and foaming agents, Sunnyside’s 4% ABV ginger beers are sociable and sessionable – making it a delicious choice for sipping on long summer days.

The Sunnyside story began in 2022 when its founder, Christian Heath, returned to the UK from a 12-year stint in Australia and realised his favourite drink – a fresh-pressed alcoholic ginger beer – did not seem to be available in the UK. In Australia, It’s one of the fastest-growing drinks categories, with about 20 different ginger beer brands on the market.

Christian researched the UK market and found the limited selection to be either brewed or wine-based, full of additives and only sometimes gluten-free. With support from the Kickstarter campaign, he launched Sunnyside Drinks Co. 

Christian said: “When I got back to the UK, I was amazed to find that my favourite kind of alcoholic ginger beer was so hard to come by. I knew how good it tasted, how popular it was in other countries and how much demand for it was growing.

“We’re super proud to be launching Sunnyside ginger beer to the market in time for summer 2024. UK drink lovers can now enjoy a refreshing, fresh-pressed, gluten-free ginger beer without it being full of preservatives, colourings, sweeteners, foaming agents or wine. We believe no one in the UK makes ginger beer quite like us.”