Our story

"The idea of Sunnyside started after returning to the UK from a 12 year stint in Australia. The first thing I wanted to do when I arrived back was to get a refreshing pint of my favourite drink, a fresh-pressed alcoholic ginger beer. Out there, there are loads of Aussie style fresh-pressed ginger beers and they all taste epic. I was amazed to discover that this style of ginger beer didn’t exist back here in the UK and I found the limited selection to be pretty awful, mostly wine based, full of additives and only sometimes gluten-free. I couldn't settle for it and there had to be a better solution.

I knew I could craft better tasting ginger beer with no additives, so I started looking into the options. I started trying different recipes in my kitchen at home. I tested 50 gingers from around the world and after many failed attempts, found the perfect recipe without the need to add any additives. We tested it with friends, then at food festivals and the drinks were a hit. We were amazed that people who didnt usually like ginger beer were loving Sunnyside. It was something completely different to what they had previously tasted and they loved that we used organic ingredients with no additives.

We successfully raised funds on Kickstarter to manufacture a trial batch and after two sell out production runs, we knew we were onto a good thing."

Christian Heath - Founder

Our mission is to create sensational taste experiences

We want to create the most flavoursome drinks from around the world with fresh simple ingredients and no unnecessary additives.

our values

  • Mateship

    We live the concept of Mateship, a term which refers to a unique form of friendship and companionship, often characterised by loyalty, camaraderie, mutual support, and a strong sense of solidarity.
  • positivity

    We’re all about Positivity and looking on the Sunnyside of life. We’re optimistic and enthusiastic about everything we do and show support and kindness to everyone we work with.
  • Adventure

    Our drinks may be inspired by the sunnier side of the world, but life is for living and we seize the day, no matter whatever the weather. Our heartland is the great outdoors and we love the excitement of exploring and collaborating with friends. Adventure involves an element of risk and uncertainty but we love pushing boundaries.


  • We use recycled e-commerce packaging and infinitely recyclable aluminium packaging.

  • Sunnyside Drinks is Carbon Neutral. Each month we plant 30 trees, and offset 60 tonnes of CO²e each year - reversing the climate impact of our business.

  • We're a UK based company and all of our products are UK made

Kickstarter Founding Members

Ever wondered how some businesses get off the ground? Well in our case, it’s all down to these legends below who pledged their hard cash in support of Sunnyside Drinks Co. These founding members are the reason we’re here and we’ll forever be grateful.  

Thomas de Vries, Giles Roberts, Lindey Cole, Geoff and Anna Heath, Will Oatley, Nick Smart, Adam Williams, Mike Thisted, Sandra Hockenhull, Doreen Hall, Beth Clifton, Andra Stan, Clare McGuinness, Rosy Harrington, Ian Davidson, James Brueton, Tim Rasbash, Katharine Duncan, Christabel Cant, Jemima Collins, Mark Williams, Hanna Hiscoe-James, Holly Chapman, Mark Terris, Remi Baker, Mikala Tai, Tom & Rosie Boardman, Sebastian Bennett, Sue Williams, Lou Lea, Elizabeth Tekno, Ned Curtis, Søren Andreasen Aktieselskabet Dagelykke Ejendomme, Paul McGuinness, Milla Rae, Nabil Mustafiz, Paul O’Boyle, Jonny Rt Hon Stark Esq, Matthew Dutton, Chelsea Glanville, JJ O’Neill, Irene Hawlader-Bell, Evan Golbach, Andrew Linch, Cat Paterson, Catherine Hay, Ollie’s Bouncy Castle Hire, Tom Cherrill, Frazer Hiscoe-James, Tineke Poot, Adam Ward, Jack Rodgers, Thomas Richardson, Kuldip Jagdev, Wes Britten, Professor Sir Harry Twort, Rebecca Herbert, Sharon Oakes, Duncan Warner, Emily Marcham, Chris Ramsay, Thomas Kaye, Brith Erichsen, Sarah Stringer, Ali and Rob Sprason, Nick Heath, Jack Boulton, Chris and Jane Pilton, Natalie Farmer, Daniel Close, Alexander Cowie, Sally Gray, Luke Jacques, Will Barlow, Helen Stolton, Geraint Hughes, Nick Jeggo, David Milligan, Dulcie Flynn, Ray Hartley, Roy Hockenhull.